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Also known as a Bitcoin faucet, refers to a type of crypto reward that originated as a way to spread awareness about cryptocurrencies as a whole. Represents an application or website which would reward free crypto coins to an IP address that connects to them.

Federated blockchain

Otherwise known as a Consortium blockchain, this is a partially private system consisting of a user group which has controlled access and can function across different companies.

Fiat/ Fiat currency

Represents money that is formally authorized by a government, such as official country currencies, e.g. USD, BGN, etc.


The guarantee that completed cryptocurrency transactions cannot be changed, reversed, or cancelled.


The term used for when Litecoin surpassed Bitcoin Cash in terms of market capitalization.


The term to use for when Ethereum would surpass Bitcoin in terms of market capitalization.

Formal verification

The process of using concrete mathematical proofs to ensure specific properties of blockchain mechanisms and cryptographic algorithms.


Stands for Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt – a marketing strategy used to spread uncertainty and fear in relation to the cryptocurrency’s whole concept, e.g. Bitcoin’s FUD on being just a bubble.

Full node

A machine that does the complete implementation of the blockchain protocols and makes sure the transactions and blocks that go through it are actually validated.