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Someone who places an order which gets to be instantly matched with an existing order in the order book.


A type of software used by cryptocurrency with the sole purpose of testing changes while not affecting the overall functioning of the main blockchain.

Threshold Signatures Scheme (TSS)

Threshold Signatures Scheme (TSS) removes the burden of the single private key and splits the responsibility between multiple parties. Each of the parties has their own key share (secret) and uses it to distributively sign a transaction without revealing data to the other parties.


The short version name of the coin on the trading platform (i.e BNB).


The representation of a digital asset built on an existing blockchain. Tokens are unique, secure, and instantly transferable.

Token lockup

The time period during which tokens or coins cannot be traded or transferred.

Token sale

The issuance of tokens where after there are sold to another digital asset.

Token supply

Refers to all currently existing tokens and coins, regardless if circulating or locked.

Transaction block/ Block

A collection of transactions on a blockchain network, gathered into a set, i.e. block, that can then be first hashed and after that added to the blockchain.

Transaction Fee

How much a transaction would cost, or the charge a specific business has to pay every time it processes a customer's electronic payment.

Transaction ID (TXID)

Otherwise known as Transaction ID – the users use it to recognize and reference transactions in the network.

Transaction per second (TPS)

The quantity of transactions that the processing power of a blockchain can operate each second.

Turing complete

A system that represents the automation of solving any kind of problem given enough resources.