Manage payment methods

Payment methods for Crypto APIs are created and managed in a certain way. Some important information on the topic includes:

1. Payment methods are located in the Crypto APIs Dashboard under the profile icon on the top right hand corner in the category Payment methods.

2. When making purchases, as available payment methods customers can use debit and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard). We can also approve wire transfers and payments with cryptocurrencies, for which though you would need to first contact our team at [email protected].

3. Due to the fact that Crypto APIs’ lowest plan is a Free plan, customers don’t have the option to manually add a new payment method, until they subscribe for a paid plan and make a payment for it. To see how to subscribe for a plan, please see this Guide.

4. The first card used to pay for the first paid subscription plan will be automatically listed and set as default in the Payment methods section of your Crypto APIs Dashboard. After that users can add payment cards automatically. To see how to add payment methods manually, please check this Guide.

5. Payment methods already added to the Crypto APIs system cannot be manually deleted. Expired debit/credit cards are automatically deactivated and cannot be used, but will remain visible in the user’s Payment methods list.

6. You can have only one payment card set as default and available for payments at a time. If you want to switch the card you are paying with, you will have to set it as default first. To see how to make or remove a card as default, please check this Guide.

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