Manually add a new Payment Method

To see more information on Managing Payment methods, please check this Guide.

Manually adding a payment method in the Crypto APIs Dashboard is available only when the customer has already subscribed for a paid subscription plan. To see how to subscribe for a plan, please use this Guide.

Customers can manually add a new payment method to their Crypto APIs account in order to maintain necessary purchases such as switching between subscription plans, having funds for fee addresses, etc.

To manually add a payment method to your Crypto APIs Dashboard, please go through these steps:

1. Log in to your Crypto APIs Dashboard, select the profile icon on the upper right corner and click on “Payment methods”.

2. On the Payment methods page click on the “Create button”.

The payment card used to pay for the subscription plan will already be listed and set as default in the Payment methods section of your Crypto APIs Dashboard. Manually adding another card will be an additional payment method.

Payment cards cannot be deleted from the user’s Dashboard! Once added, they can only be switched on/off as default.

3. A page for payment method details appears. Fill in the details of your payment card, where at minimum the card number, expiry date, CVC and name are required. Save the changes.

After these steps are completed a request for access and use of the card will be sent to your bank. The payment method is then usable.

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