Working with Blockchain Events

In Crypto APIs our product Blockchain Events has a similar concept to Callbacks or Webhooks. You can set to receive a Callback on certain endpoints that allow it. In our Technical Documentation you can see which Events allow you to set a Callback for them as they are marked with the respective symbol:

Some settings and statistics are available through the Crypto APIs Dashboard. But setting up the Callback itself can happen only through the API for the time being.

Before being able to set up the Callback you must first verify a domain from the Crypto APIs Dashboard.

1. To see how to verify a domain in order to be able to set a Callback, please check this Guide.
2. To see information on your set Blockchain Events Subscriptions List, you can check this Guide.
3. To see statistics on your Callbacks, please check this Guide and the section on Callbacks log.
4. To see steps on how to set a Callback, please check this Guide.

For more information on how Blockchain Events and Callbacks work, you can see our Technical Documentation here.

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