Setting up a Callback

Callbacks can be set for various events/endpoints across some Crypto APIs 2.0 products - Blockchain Events and Blockchain Automations (for both tokens and coins forwardings).

Setting up the Callback itself can happen only through the API for the time being.

To be able to successfully subscribe for an event and set up a Callback you need to follow specific steps in this order:

1. Verify a domain in your Crypto APIs 2.0 Dashboard. It will be used to base a Callback URL on it, so that you can receive the Callback.

Crypto APIs will notify the user with a callback only when the specific event occurs. There are cases when that event doesn't happen at all, or takes a long time to do so. A callback notification will not be sent if the event does not or cannot occur.

2. Set up your preferred Callback by subscribing to a chosen event through our API.
3. If all criteria are met and the event occurs, a Callback will be received to the user’s Callback URL.

To see more information on Crypto APIs 2.0 Callbacks, please see our Technical Documentation.

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