Approve/Reject a transaction

You can easily approve transactions in your Wallet from within your Crypto APIs 2.0 Dashboard. Simply follow the steps:

1. Log in to your Dashboard V2.
2. Click on Transactions approval under Wallet as a Service section. A list will appear which holds all transaction requests.
3. Locate the transaction request that you would like to approve or reject and click on its associated ”Approve/Reject” button.

4. A new window pops up. Review the details and choose your action - approve or reject.

Only users who have been assigned to be able to reject and/or approve certain transactions will see the respective buttons for "Reject" and "Approve" on this page. Users can be set as Rejecters and/or Approvers through Governance Layer rules. To see how to create a Governance Layer rule, please check this Guide.

In order to be able to set a user in a Governance layer rule as an Approver or Rejecter, you must first have this user already added as a team member with the role “Approver”. To see how to add Team Members to your Company/Organization, please see this Guide.

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