Working with Governance Layer rules

Governance Layer rules are custom rules with various options that Wallet owners can create depending on their preferences. First, you need to have created a Wallet and then you will be able to set rules. Please, follow this Guide on how to create a Wallet in case you still have not.

Governance layer rules can be added to a specific address within your Wallet and can include:

- specifying a blockchain and network for a specific address;
- setting specific users as Approvers or Rejecters;
- setting the minimum number of approvers needed to approve a transaction;
- setting the amount range for a transaction, in order to need a minimum number of approvers;
- setting the minimum number of rejecters needed to reject a transaction;

In order to be able to set a user as an Approver or Rejecter, you must first have this user already added as a team member with the role “Approver”. To see how to add Team Members to your Company/Organization, please see this Guide.

You can see how to create Governance Layer rules by checking this Guide.

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