Creating a Governance Layer rule

In order to create a Governance layer rule you must first already have a Wallet. To see how to create a Wallet, please see this Guide.

You can easily create Governance Layer rules for your Wallet from within your Crypto APIs 2.0 Dashboard. Simply follow the steps:

1. Log in to your Dashboard V2.
2. Click on Governance Layer under Wallet as a Service section.
3. You will see a page which can display a list your Governance layer rules and a button titled ”Create new rule” above it. Click on the button.

4. On the dialog popup select your Wallet from the drop-down list and click on ”Create rule”.

5. A new page will appear to enter your details. The main goal here is to set criteria for your transactions so that when they are met - the rule is applied.

Choose one, more or all from the following:

- For the Address - the blockchain and network over which a transaction will be sent, along with an address, add multiple addresses. (for details on address limits, please see our subscription plans here)
- Amount - set the range of the amount of the transaction, in order for the rule to be applied.
- Minimum Approvals - set the number of minimum approvals needed for the transaction to be approved and broadcasted.
- Approvers - set chosen users from your team to be approvers for transactions that fit this rule.
- Minimum rejections - set the number of minimum rejections needed for the transaction to be canceled (rejected) and not broadcasted.
- Rejecters - set chosen users from your team to be rejecters for transactions that fit this rule.

In order to be able to assign a teammate as an Approver and/or Rejecter to a certain Governance Layer rule, that user must be first added as a Team member with the role "Approver". To see how to add Team Members to your Company/Organization, please see this Guide.

6. After you have selected your preferences for the rule, click on ”Save changes” and the rule will be created and take effect.

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