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New Registration

1. To create a new account, go to or click on the "Sign up" button from the homepage to navigate to the registration page. 

2. Input your general information into the specified fields - first and last name, email, mobile number, set a password, and click on “Continue”.

Please make sure to check the box that you agree with our Terms and Conditions, otherwise you cannot continue with the registration.

3. On the next step, you will be required to provide information about your company, your role and other details. Then click on “Create a free account”.

4. You will receive a verification email containing a unique account activation code. Please insert the code into the field to verify your new account. 

5. If your account is successfully verified, you will be automatically logged into your account. 
Select the products you would like to navigate to:

6. You can now start using your new Crypto APIs Dashboard. 

Social Login

From the registration page you can also use the Social Login to create an account with credentials you already have for Google, GitHub or LinkedIn. If you choose this option, you will have to login to the selected platform and these credentials will be used to create your Crypto APIs profile.  

Follow the steps to complete your registration and get access to the dashboard.


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