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Both new users and Crypto APIs V1.0 users must create a new account in order to to use Crypto APIs 2.0.

Social Login

If you are new to Crypto APIs and would like to subscribe for our services, you can do that by registering at

You can use the Social Login by using credentials you already have for Google, GitHub or LinkedIn. By using that option you can select either of the three and confirm username and password there. Through this you will create a login to Crypto APIs Dashboard with those credentials.

New Registration

If you want to create a new account with separate credentials, simply go through the following steps:

1. Go to and click on "Sign up".

2. Input your general information into the specified fields - first and last names, email, business name, mobile number, set a password and click on “Continue”.

Please make sure to check the box that you agree with our Terms and Conditions, otherwise you cannot continue with the registration.

Crypto APIs advises to use a strong and complex password. Make sure to include a capital letter, a sign and a number.

3. Input information about your company and how you heard about Crypto APIs and click on “Create a free account”.

By checking the box below all fields you can get a demo of how Crypto APIs is used. This is not mandatory.

4. You will receive a verification email to the email address you have input in your registration form. It contains a unique verification link (token) that you have to click on in order to activate your new account. The token will be active for a limited amount of time, after which it will expire and the account will remain unverified.

5. After the account is verified the user can then log into their new Crypto APIs Dashboard.


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