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List of errors

All requests with a response status code different than 200 (successful HTTP) are considered as a failure of the particular API call and referred to as “HTTPS errors”. When the response (error) is returned an additional JSON is present in the body containing the error message. Depending on what has gone wrong with the API call, the error message is different.

As best practice we recommend to store all error messages somewhere along with request data for further manual review.

The errors we use follow the HTTP Error Codes Standard.

HTTP Status Code Error it represents
3xx Redirection Error
4xx Client Error
5xx Server Error

The structure of the error always returns the following values, as listed and described in the example:


    "apiVersion": "", // The current API Version.
    "requestId": "", // Each request has a unique ID, for which the Support team could ask for when contacted.
    "context": "", // Optional: In case you send this value in your request.
    "error": {
        "code": "", // Error Code, please check our [Errors page]( to see the full list of error codes.
        "message": "", // Is the human readable error message.
        "details": "" // Optional: Some errors may need more details.

We use the following error codes:

General errors

Type of code HTTP Status Code Error code Message
Client Error 400 uri_not_found "The specified URI has not been found. Check the URI and try again."
limit_greater_than_allowed "You have reached the allowed limit. The maximum number of items for this endpoint is {limit}, please use the specific pagination attributes to get the items in portions."
invalid_pagination "The pagination attributes that have been used are invalid. Please check the Documentation to see details on pagination."
401 missing_api_key "The specific authorization header (API Key) is missing, please check our Authorization section in our Documentation."
invalid_api_key "The provided API key is invalid. Please, generate a new one from your Dashboard.”
402 insufficient_credits "You have insufficient credits. Please upgrade your plan from your Dashboard or contact our team via email."
403 https_required "The use of HTTPS is required."
endpoint_not_allowed_for_plan "This endpoint is not available for your current subscription plan, please upgrade your plan to be able to use it."
data_not_allowed_for_plan "Your subscription plan includes only {days} days of historical data. Please upgrade your plan or contact our team for more information."
banned_ip_address "This IP address has been banned. To check the reason for that, please contact our team via email."
endpoint_not_allowed_for_api_key “This endpoint is not available for your API key.”
404 resource_not_found "The specified resource has not been found."
405 request_method_not_supported "The specified request method ({method}) is not supported for this endpoint. Please check our Documentation and make sure you set the right request method."
allowed_methods "The specified method must be one of the following: {methods}."
409 invalid_query_parameter "The query parameter provided is invalid. Please provide a proper query parameter, or refer to the documentation for more information."
missing_request_body "The required request body is missing, action cannot be performed."
bad_json "The JSON provided is invalid. Please make sure it's valid and try again."
invalid_data "The data provided seems to be invalid."
already_exists "The specified resource already exists."
callback_url_not_verified "The Callback URL has not been verified. Please, verify the URL from within your Dashboard and try again."
415 unsupported_media_type "The selected Media Type is unavailable. The Content-Type header should be 'application/json'."
429 request_limit_reached "The request limit has been reached. There can be maximum {requests} requests per {seconds} second(s) made. Please contact our team via email if you need more or upgrade your plan."
Server Error 500 technical_issues "We are currently facing some technical issues, please try again later."
unexpected_server_error "An unexpected server error has occurred, we are working to fix this. Please try again later and in case it occurs again please report it to our team via email."
501 unimplemented "This {feature} has not been implemented yet."
503 temporary_shutdown_endpoint "This endpoint is temporarily stopped due to performance reasons. For more information please contact our team via email."

Custom errors:

Type of code HTTP Status Code Error code Message
Client Error 400 invalid_blockchain "The provided blockchain is invalid. The blockchain must be a supported one. For the full list of supported blockchains please see our Documentation."
invalid_network "The provided network is invalid. The network must be a supported one. For the full list of supported networks please see our Documentation."
blockchain_data_invalid_address "The provided address is invalid for the mentioned blockchain/network. "
xpub_not_synced "This xPub is not yet synced, please first use the endpoint “Sync HD (xPub, yPub, zPub) wallet” to synchronize it."
404 blockchain_data_address_not_found "The provided address for this blockchain/network has not been found. Please check it and try again."
blockchain_data_block_not_found "The specified block has not been found on the specific blockchain."
blockchain_data_transaction_not_found "The specified transaction has not been found on the specific blockchain."
order_book_unknown_symbol_id "This symbol ID cannot be found. Please check all symbol IDs in our Market Data product."


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