Crypto APIs 2.0 is a set of blockchain- and crypto-related products which can help you reduce your development and infrastructure costs. It's an infrastructure layer which significantly reduces your go to market time.

  • Wallet as a Service - a DIgital Wallet that incorporates the best features, security and authorization processes existing today. MPC-based, utilizing TSS and Distributed Key Generation, backed up by a 3rd Party Escrow. Allocated on multi-distributed nodes, Crypto APIs Wallet as a Service can offer customers both server and mobile nodes. Multiple security methods provide regular monitoring, audits and system checks. Webhooks functionality embedded along with whitelisting, governance layer, quorum modification (M/N nodes), and more.

  • Blockchain Data - by integrating it once you can retrieve the most important data for the most common blockchains. Get results for each supported blockchain protocol by changing only a single parameter. Get both historical and real-time data, which can be unified, raw, read-only or segmented. Quick response time of 25 ms is guaranteed by the scalable- and load-balanced database where all data is synced and indexed. You can retrieve information on blockchain data such as Blocks, Addresses, HD Wallets (xPub, yPub, zPub), Balances, Unconfirmed Transactions, Confirmed Transactions Uncles, Epochs, Tokens, Smart Contracts, Internal Transactions, Mempool, Fees, and more.

  • Blockchain Events - works on the principle of the Webhook. You can subscribe for certain events and get a callback notification every time they occur. There is no need of hosting or maintaining any node and the average delivery time is estimated at 100 ms. Considered Events could include: a new block that has been mined, new unconfirmed and mined transactions, a certain number of confirmations (blocks) for a new transaction, and more.

  • Blockchain Automations - By subscribing for a certain automation based on a certain event you can get a callback when it’s completed. Blockchain Automations don’t require taking care of hot (temporary) addresses. Moreover, you can generate as many addresses as preferred and then assign them to your users, where all received funds will be automatically moved to your secure wallet (warm/cold). Such Automations could automatically move received tokens and/or funds to another wallet.

  • Blockchain Tools - tools that do not require any contact with the database, blockchain data, nor the use of nodes. These Blockchain tools include actions such as checking the validity of an address and fetching its type, preparing transactions, deriving HD (xPub, yPub, zPub) addresses, receiving and changing them, and more.

  • Crypto Market Data - retrieve real-time and up to 5 years of historical crypto market data exchange rates. All in one place, coins and exchanges information.

Crypto APIs 2.0 offers different pricing plans to fit your specific needs. To see Crypto APIs 2.0’s available subscription plans, please visit our dedicated website page.

You can download our OpenAPI 3.0 Specification as the latest JSON from here.

This documentation and all API References apply only to Crypto APIs 2.0.


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