Generate API Key

From the dashboard users can generate API keys to authenticate requests.

In order to be able to generate and use API keys you must have a valid registration.

To generate an API key please follow these steps:

1. Go to Dashboard and click on the </> icon at the bottom left corner

2. Choose API Keys from the developers menu

3. Click on the Create New API Key button

4. Type your API key name and click on Create New API Key button

5. Navigate to your newly created API key

6. Click on Allowed Routes (Note: You need to enable the permissions for each API key, so you can make transactions for different protocols)

7. Click on the toggle to Enable the preferred routes

8. You will be notified when the route is successfully updated.

You need to wait for about 10 minutes to synchronize the new routes for the API key, before you can start using it for them.

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