Account Security with 2FA

Set up 2FA

Customers can set up a security measure for their accounts called Two Factor Authentication or 2FA. This feature ensures that the person who accesses the Crypto APIs 2.0 Dashboard is identified as the true user. The idea is that the user must verify their identity by providing a code received by Crypto APIs at the moment of login.

In order to be able to best set up 2FA for this and any other application, we recommend the use of an Authenticator software, such as Google Authenticator.

To set 2FA please go through the following steps:

1. Log in to your Crypto APIs 2.0 Dashboard, select the profile icon on the upper right corner and click on My Profile.

2. Click on “Generate QR code".

3. The system will display a QR code that can be scanned with the customer’s smartphone. Through the Authenticator software a 6-digit code will be received, that the customer needs to provide back in the system.

This is the initial setup step of the 2FA. Afterwards it authenticates per the smart device only which initially scanned the QR code.

4. After the code, which resulted from the QR scan, is provided back to the system, the 2FA setup is done. Click on “Save Changes”.

Use 2FA

After the 2FA feature is initially setup, users will be able to log into their Crypto APIs 2.0 accounts only after providing a new 6-digit code every time. At each login request the Authenticator software will generate a new code, which will last a few seconds only, until it becomes invalid and a new one is generated, or it is used for the login purpose.

If the code is invalid or wrong, the system will display an error and not log in the user.

Without the code, login to this account becomes impossible.

Only the initially set smart device will receive the code in its Authenticator software.


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