Verify domain for Callback URL

Before being able to set up the Callback you must first verify a domain from the Crypto APIs 2.0 Dashboard.

Crypto APIs 2.0 will not send callbacks to unverified domains, websites or URLs.

Crypto APIs 2.0 requires the setup and verification of a domain to base a Callback URL on. Follow these steps to verify your domain:

1. Log into your Crypto APIs 2.0 Dashboard.
2. Select the category Verify Domains under Developers.
3. On the page that appears click on the Verify new domain button.
4. A new page opens up, where you can type in your preferred domain. Click on Next.

You don't need to specify the scheme http:// or https://, as we will check both.

5. The system will generate a unique token for your domain, which you have to paste in the frontend of your website.
6. When the verification token is placed on your website, you can go ahead and click on the Verify button. If all steps have been done correctly, the system will verify the domain and you can then subscribe for a Blockchain Event and set a Callback.

To see more information on verifying domains for Callback URLs, please see our Technical Documentation here.

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