Introduction to Crypto APIs Dashboard

This guide will introduce you to the Crypto APIs Customer Dashboard, its layout, functionalities, and how to best use it to build your Blockchain and Crypto applications better and faster.

The Crypto APIs Dashboard provides customer access to a personalized account no matter of the Crypto APIs product used - Blockchain data, Blockchain Events, Blockchain automations, multiple, etc.

Dashboard Layout

The Crypto APIs design is simplistic and straightforward.

- The panel to the left indicates the available functionalities and redirections of the Dashboard;
- Icons on the bottom represent links to social media channels;
- The ribbon on the top holds controls for the Dashboard menu, Profile menu and the Upgrade button;
- Bottom right corner displays the chatbot that assists customers with their Crypto APIs questions;
- Information displayed in the center of the Dashboard represents the contents and details of the specific functionality that’s selected.

Dashboard functionalities

The functionalities available from the Crypto APIs Dashboard include the following:


1. My Dashboard - displays general statistics for the user, in regards to features used and limits reached;
2. API keys - a necessity for making calls and authentication for those requests;
3. Pricing - includes a table of all available Crypto APIs subscription plans, along with their details.

Wallet as a Service

1. My Wallets/Vaults - includes a list of your digital Wallets/Vaults;
2. Transactions Approval - displays transactions queued for approval/rejection;
3. Governance layer - the place to customize rules for your transactions.

Blockchain Events

1. Subscriptions List - a list of all callbacks the user is subscribed for.

Blockchain Automations

1. Automatic Tokens Forwarding - lists all set tokens forwardings;
2. Automatic Coins Forwarding - lists all set coins forwardings.


1. Callbacks Log - displays information on received/failed callbacks as per the user's Blockchain events subscriptions;
2. Daily Usage - displays information on the Daily credits per plan the user has used.

Daily Credits refer to the cost and number of requests that are allowed for a certain subscription plan per day. The higher the subscription level, the more daily credits are provided, and more actions can be completed. Daily credits are reset every 24 hours. One credit does not necessarily mean it is equal to one request.


1. Verify domains - used to verify domains for Callback URLs when users want to subscribe for certain events;
2. Faucet - used by new customers to receive cryptocurrency to test with.

Moreover, this section includes redirection links to Crypto APIs’ entire Developers portal, the Technical documentation (which is part of the Developers portal and includes specific API information), the SDKs Library, the Glossary, the FAQ section, and the Guides.

We frequently update our Technical documentation and the entire Developers portal with useful information for all Crypto APIs 2.0 customers.

More links

The “More Links” section displayed further redirections for the Crypto APIs Product Updates, Status page, the main website and a link pointing to Block Explorer which provides further synced information on blockchain transactions.


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